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Trained Technicians

We all know that there are countless glass companies operating in Southern California. Most are here today and gone tomorrow. When considering which glass company to replace or repair your windshield, it is important to find a company that employs glass technicians with the appropriate training and experience to ensure your safety. A correctly installed windshield will help to support the frame of your vehicle in the event of a rollover accident. If the technician installing your auto glass doesn’t have a complete and accurate understanding of the glass installation process, your safety and that of anyone riding in your automobile will certainly be in jeopardy.


One important step in the auto glass replacement process is the complete and correct preparation of the pinch weld before the installation of the glass. The pinch weld is the ledge surrounding the front opening of your vehicle that supports the windshield. If this portion of the frame of the car that supports the windshield isn’t correctly prepared, the installation process will be compromised. It is also important that the piece of auto glass being installed is properly primed and free of contaminants. The auto glass technician should also be trained in the urethane (adhesive) system that he is using. At Payless Glass, our auto glass technicians have been professionally trained and have certifications in the Sika brand of urethane that we use.
Many of the auto glass companies in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas get so big that they are forced to hire any auto glass technician looking for a job. Often these installers have little or no formal training in the correct way to install auto glass. Many of these sub-par installers hop around from company to company often training other glass technicians incorrectly and continuing the trend of poor standards in the auto glass industry. At Payless Glass, we commit to never growing our business larger than the number of highly qualified auto glass installers that we have. In short, we won’t sacrifice our high standards just to make a dollar. When we find an exceptional glass technician, we hire him and increase our sales to justify his position.

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