Auto Glass Replacement

When to Replace the Windshield

When the damage to your windshield is larger than a U.S. Quarter in size, or if the damaged area is in your direct line-of-site, it is probably time to have your windshield replaced. At Payless Glass, we believe that there are three important things to consider before having your windshield replaced.


The Auto Glass Brand

Most auto glass companies don’t like to talk about it, but discussing the brand of auto glass that is going into your car or truck is extremely important. Just like anything else in the market, there are different brands of glass and corresponding degrees of quality in the parts that you choose. Remember that it is your choice when it comes to what goes into your vehicle. Many auto glass companies don’t mention the glass brand because it allows them the freedom to put in the lowest grade of glass which assures them the greatest profit. This profit comes at a cost to most consumers that don’t know what to ask for. Although all automotive glass has to meet certain federal safety standards, there is nothing that forces glass manufacturers to make automotive glass clear and distortion-free.

The Urethane

The Urethane (adhesive) used to connect the windshield to the frame of your car is a topic that is rarely discussed when a customer calls to schedule a windshield replacement. It is, however, one of the most important parts of the windshield replacement process from a safety standpoint. Many auto glass companies simply use the least expensive Urethane they can find to install your windshield. At Payless Glass, we use SIKA, SRP, or Dinitrol urethane. These products allow a quick safe drive time. Many other adhesive products can take up to 24 hours to cure although often the auto glass shop doing the work will just tell the customer it is safe to drive immediately. Sika Corporation was founded in 1910 and is the largest manufacturer of polyurethane adhesives worldwide. Their product costs us a little more, but we feel like your safety is worth it. All of our master-certified auto glass technicians are certified in the Sika Adhesive System that we use.

The Technician

Even with the best auto glass parts and highest-grade urethanes, you can’t count on a clean and safe windshield installation unless you have an auto glass technician with the best training and experience. At Payless Glass, we seek out technicians that live up to our exceptionally high standards. Our company’s growth is limited only by the number of quality glass technicians we can locate and hire. An incorrectly installed windshield can result in air noise, and water leaks and can even jeopardize the safety of you and your family in the event of a rollover accident. Our corporate philosophy is to do the job safely and correctly the first time, using only the best parts and employees. This reasoning has allowed us to experience continued growth through satisfied, happy, repeat customers.

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