Auto Glass Repair

When to Repair the Windshield

One of the services offered by Payless Glass is windshield repair. Having your windshield repaired is the appropriate choice when the size of the damaged area on your windshield is smaller than a quarter. To test this, you can simply take a U.S. quarter and cover the damaged area on your windshield. As long as all of the damage can be covered by the quarter, our technicians will be able to successfully repair the damage. One other consideration is the location of the damage on your windshield. Payless Glass does not recommend a windshield repair if the glass damage is directly in your line-of-site. This is an industry-wide guideline and most insurance companies will not recommend windshield repair for line-of-site damage. For line-of-site damage, a windshield replacement is generally recommended.


The Auto Glass Repair Process

The windshield repair process involves injecting a clear liquid resin into your damaged area. Once the chip and all extending cracks are filled with resin, the technician treats it with a UV light, which causes the resin to cure and harden. This hardening process restores your windshield's structural integrity and prevents the damage from getting any worse. In most cases, a successful repair will make that damaged area look much better than it did before the repair took place. In some cases, you won’t be able to locate the damage at all.

Benefits of Windshield Repair

Having your windshield repaired can save you money, especially if you are paying out of pocket for the work to be done. On average, a repair is 75% less expensive than having your windshield replaced. In addition, most insurance companies will cover the cost of your auto glass repair and may even waive any deductible that might have applied to a windshield replacement claim. Windshield repair generally takes less than 30 minutes after which you are safe to drive the car without any downtime.

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